Curtain Room Dividers Hanging from the Ceiling

Apr 6th
Curtain Room Dividers IKEA Panels
Curtain Room Dividers IKEA Panels

Divide into smaller spaces rooms with curtain room dividers spaces. Light and thin curtains hung from curtain rods allow you to separate rooms without the structural weight of a new wall. The curtains also can run, allowing remove the split if necessary. Post rods for curtains with bolted to ceiling joists to ensure that the divisor is secure and will not hook when you open the curtain hooks.

Check the ceiling in a search of nails. Find and mark the centers of the beams where each end of the curtain room dividers rod will. Check the distance between the marks with a tape measure. The distance between the holes should measure a little less than the length of the bar, so that the hooks grip inside the bar end.

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Drill pilot holes through the drywall and ceiling beams. Use a drill with a diameter slightly less than the tips of the hooks from the ceiling. Screw the hooks into the holes by hand. Oriented so that the hooks face the same direction. Iron Curtain and engánchala bar. Arrange the ends of the curtain room dividers rod on the hooks. Extends the curtain and shake gently to let it fall gently to the floor. Any wrinkle is eventually disappearing.

How to Hang Curtain Room Dividers

Determine where and how high will hang the curtain room dividers. With a pencil, mark on the wall the position of one end of the curtain rod. With a tape measure, measure the distance from the ceiling to the brand. Measure the distance from the nearest wall perpendicular to the brand. Transfer the measurements to the opposite wall and mark the position of the other end of the curtain rod. This will ensure that the bar is perpendicular to the walls which will be placed.

Use a stud finder to determine if your marks are on these curtain room dividers. If your brand is in a hollow part of the wall, drill a hole through the mark and insert wall anchors before placing the equipment mounting bar. If the marks are placed on wall studs, drill a small pilot hole through the brand that will receive the screw mounting equipment.

It measures the distance between the walls at the level of the assembly equipment. Transfer the measurement to the closet rod. Check the bar to be cut 0.64 cm shorter than the distance between the mounting kits. Depending on the thickness of the suspension, the bar may have to be trimmed to fit precisely, but it is better to cut a little more long than short of curtain room dividers.

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