Create Poolside Lounge Chairs

Apr 4th
Poolside Lounge Chairs Wooden
Poolside Lounge Chairs Wooden

Poolside lounge chairs – Having a pool is great, but having an outdoor oasis where you can really relax is the next level of luxury. Create that oasis means equipping your pool deck with furniture to make it a place where you can comfortably spend the day. While hiring a professional designer is an option, you can design your own outdoor space to save money.

Draft Your Ideal Plan

Sit with your pool with a notebook and pen, and imagine what your ideal tire would look like. Would it be a lush tropical area featuring poolside lounge chairs, fluffy pillows, tables, chairs and hammocks? Determine if you want a completely sunny or shady pool deck, or a mix of the two. Write down exactly how to design your pool deck if the price was not a replacement will help you decide what design direction to work towards. Write down all the topics you notice growing from your wish list, as this can make your shopping easier by looking for pieces that fit the overall theme.

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Make it realistic

With inspiration from your ultimate pool deck area, start making a plan that’s reasonable, based on your budget. Draw a sketch of your pool area that includes the pool itself, open deck space and foliage. Make the sketch scale so you know how much space you have to work with. Enter your most desired features, whether a poolside lounge chairs with built-in umbrella and chairs, outdoor bar or a group of reclining chairs. Think about how many people will usually use the pool. You want enough seating, not just for your family, but also room for some guests. Your sketch will tell you what you need to buy for your pool deck and how much space you have, so take it with you when shopping.

Finish your design look

Shop for accent pieces that help create the desired oasis. If your desired theme is tropical, for example, put in a bright floral umbrella or pillows with a tropical theme. Be careful to go overboard, as less often are more with bright patterns. Instead, looking for complementary design features, such as poolside lounge chairs in a color and pillows with a bold pattern. Like the furniture itself, the accent materials should be robust and made for outdoor use. Using chair cushions that are not made for outdoors, for example, can quickly lead to moldy, nutty materials.

Look in store and online after pieces to complete your pool deck work plan. Remember your theme when shopping, and check on the store groups their furniture with themes to make the trade easier. Buy material that complements each other, which collides colors quickly can make an otherwise beautiful swimming deck look.

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