Create a Skull Home Decor

Jan 19th
Deer Skull Home Decor
Deer Skull Home Decor

Skull home decor – Skull symbol has had many uses throughout history. The symbol was used on their ships and the pirates used the symbol to strike fear in the hearts of honest sailors in the 17th and 18th centuries. Skull was also used to mark certain mixtures toxic. During the 20th and 21st century symbol has become more common as fashion and skull home decor statements. Incorporate skull in easy craft projects such as jewelry, home furnishings and toiletries.

Sew cloth skull on throw pillows to give them new life or cover old decorative pillows in skull-patterned fabric. Buying skull fabric to create pillowcases too. Create wall of home furnishings paint your own versions of the skull and framing them – Feel free to use bright colors and bold color combinations as well as glitter, sequins and other embellishments desired. Create a set of a skull home decor or make a collage.

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Easy craft ideas for skull jewelry include stringing various skull charm chain necklace. Combining plastic and metal charms or joining the skulls with rose charm, Spike charm or faux jewel charm. Making light skull rings by measuring, cutting and gluing strips of leather rings and glue a skull charm on the front of the rings. Creating charm bracelet by buying any amount skull charm you can find and add them to the bracelet.

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