Craftsman Style Home Decor

Feb 2nd
Craftsman Style Home Decorating Ideas
Craftsman Style Home Decorating Ideas

Craftsman style home decor – Craftsman house has that look because they all grow from the same color palette. Nature is boss when choosing the shade for the bedroom walls or dining room carpet. Avoid pastels and vibrant primary hues. Muted, vegetable colors and dusty stone always work with period decor. Red is Cinnabar and children; Oranges are pumpkins, terracotta and yam; yellow squash, mustard and straw; greens moss, artichoke and olives;

Blues is a muddy cobalt and teal; White is creamy calla lily or white asparagus. Stone floors, counters and fireplaces are every shade of gray, blue, chalk and honey. It is quite easy to achieve a harmonious blend of colors and a relaxed vibe with an authentic artisan paint box. Craftsman style home decor is heavy on wood. Aesthetic embraced the use of nature and beauty handmade work. The walls and stairwells were paneled, rails, spindles and steps made of hardwood.

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The ceilings were wood-clad. Built-in bookcases, shelves, cabinets, benches and window seats were made with finely assembled. Also carved, stained and finished wood. Floor characterized parquet and other designs. There is a certain period look and it can be grim in a house that does not get enough natural light. Only you can decide whether to keep the original wooden craftsman style home decor throughout the home. Stick to period-appropriate paint colors from nature to limit what wood everywhere.

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