Copper Metallic Paint: You Dare?

Feb 16th
Polished Copper Metallic Paint
Polished Copper Metallic Paint

Copper metallic paint provides glossy finishes that are not very common in decoration. Choosing colors with which we paint our house is always a challenge and most often we opt for less risky tones, but even gold, silver and copper can fit in your home.  Metallic paint brings luminosity, shine and, used in its right measure, luxury to any wall. key is to consider options that best fit with rest of decor of your home and then choose application form. We will tell you some! In small quantities, gold or silver paint is easier to incorporate into surfaces you want to decorate.

Here it is not necessary to complicate much; you can even take advantage of background color. And only apply copper metallic paint color in small doses. Do it in specific areas and also irregularly or create a pattern to look like you’ve covered your walls with wallpaper, choose your alternative. Take advantage of stencil technique or delimit straight lines with masking tape and apply paint to a scratched pattern like one shown in next photo. With an adamascada stencil and intense background colors. Such as emerald green, navy blue or garnets, you will get a wall that will not leave anyone indifferent.

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Metallic paint makes walls reflect light better. And then, make spaces look bigger and brighter. In rooms with poor lighting, it combines light colors with a silver or gold wall that amplifies reflective effect. There are different ways of application with which you can paint a wall from top to bottom and get different textures, irregular; overlapping. You do not have to give a uniform finish. Bold, right? Covering a whole wall of gold or silver may be too much at times. But you can always do it in small doses and letting yourself go. Here you will not need any template. Take a brush, copper metallic paint tone that you choose. And face empty wall with desire to give some brightness to your house.

If you want a subtle ending, you can give touches of silver to a gray wall or gold to white. Although to really call attention it is better to seek contrast with dark colors. Water based metallic paint 100% acrylic. Its consistency is creamy and this makes it ideal for painting. And decorating on walls because it reduces leaks and runoff. They can also be use on canvas, wood, cloth, cardboard, ceramics, paper, unicel, etc. Their colors are firm and cover perfectly since they are made with pigments of highest quality.

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