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Contemporary Wall Sconces – After an era of prominence of the indirect and diffuse lighting , in which the bulb trying to hide at all costs to generate effects fainter, homogeneous and soft light, it seems that now we look back recovering the value of direct illumination.

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Contemporary wall sconces is type of lighting the focus it is king light emanates directly from the  bulb , which is not hidden nor conceals but lampshades or other accessories that sift the light is shown openly, without screens. And other variants.

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The return to this type of lighting is due largely to the rise of styles Industrial and contemporary, and within today we will focus on one of the most interesting types the wall sconces.

The contemporary wall sconces industrial style reminiscent own lighting factories and industries where wiring was in full view and could set as the walls and beams inside.

This has given ways to domestic design where a small square wooden structure serves as a pin and securing the cord of the lamp. The applet itself is made up of wooden stands, one metal rings design in copper, gold age or painted an incandescent lamp filament retro design and a textile cord trying to gave it a more sophisticated air to such a functional element and primitive.