Contemporary Bookcase and Shelving

Sep 24th
Wooden Contemporary Bookcase
Wooden Contemporary Bookcase

Contemporary bookcase – Traditional bookcases made up of rectangles and right angles. Modern bookshelves incorporate a wider variety of shapes and angles in their design. Circular bookshelves are available in several designs. Some shelves include stacked circles of varying sizes to resemble a honeycomb pattern, these shelves can be placed directly on a floor or mounted on a wall. Books are stacked vertically inside the circles or horizontally on the plank placed across the diameter of each circle. Some shelves contain a basic rectangular grams with a variety of alternatively shaped shelves inside the frame, triangles, diamonds and hexagons are popular forms of such shelves.

Shelves, there are single sheet of bent or molded plastic or metal capable of forming wave-like lines on a wall. When you buy shelves with modern forms, consider the functionality of the form. For simple items like books or movies of contemporary bookcase, many characters be sufficient, but for fragile items like vases or collectibles, circles or other angled surfaces may not be ideal.

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Older bookcase can be instantly updated with a coat of paint or even a modern wallpapers. Modern bookcase add color to a room with a simple color scheme. A white wooden bookcase with a light blue, green or orange painted on the shelf edges or the inner backing from the shelves add a modern twist to a traditional contemporary bookcase. High, freestanding bookcases with large geometric or graffiti patterns can serve as a focal point for a room. Coordinate the bookshelves to the other colors in the room, a blue room with an orange bookcase or a white room with a green rack provides a bold and modern space.

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