Classic Colors Barn Red Paint

Apr 25th
Barn Red Paint Style
Barn Red Paint Style

Barn Red Paint – A worn red paint can add a great color pop to any design scheme. Keeping the painted rustic and old piece will give a shabby chic appeal and will add a color and interest to your decor while still blending with the rest of your furniture. Paint a weathered barn look, whether in a cabinet or a piece of furniture, try to choose the right color for red. Clean the cabinet or cabinet completely using ammonia cleaner. Remove all grease and dirt from the surface of the object. The residue left in the piece will interfere with the paint job and can cause paint peels and bubbles over time.

Sand the entire piece. Use a palm sander to get the job done faster. Do not worry that the sanding even perfectly. They are replicating a weathered look, so the finish should be slightly imperfect. Clean the sanding powder with a damp cloth. Stain the entire piece with a dark stain. Walnut is a good choice for weathered look barn red paint. Wipe the stain on the wood with a brush or rag. Wipe any excess with a clean cloth. Again, do not worry about perfection. This is the color that will bleed through the color paint when the job is complete. Leave the stain dry overnight. Pour two paint colors into separate containers. For a weathered look barn, you want red and black paint.

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Choose a good red color that imitates a barn. You may want to try several colors of red before choosing a final color. Reds with too much pink or blue may not give you the look you want. A small section of the piece with black paint. Use a brush to apply the paint evenly over a manageable area. Leave the rest of the paint on for a few minutes. Just before the paint gets sticky, apply the red paint over the black. Using a cloth, coat the two paints to mix the colors. Mix colors will create a really resisted look.

You may need to practice this technique on a piece of scrap wood before you try on your furniture or cabinet. Repeat the base barn red paint, top color, and rag to cover the entire piece. Allow the object to dry completely. Mix 4 pieces black enamel 1 part paint. You can add varnish or paint to get a consistency that you like. DIP a cloth in the enamel mixture. Apply the glaze to the corners, crevices and around any buttons or other detailed work. The enamel will create the look of years of accumulation of dirt and wear and tear.

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