Undoubtedly Ideas Chalkboard Wall Paint

Nov 16th
Wooden Chalkboard Wall Paint
Wooden Chalkboard Wall Paint

Chalkboard wall paint has long been place in a privilege place in world of interior decoration. It is a highly versatile painting with which we can paint and decorate a wall or a piece of furniture. So every day we see how this painting is gaining ground to conventional plastic paints. But sometimes we are enthusiastic about using slate paint, we want to paint or decorate a wall or a piece of furniture, but we do not have a clear idea of what we are really looking for. Therefore, today we wanted to contribute our bit and bring some original ideas to use slate paint . With these ideas, you are sure to have inspiration to use this painting, or simply to imitate some of ideas directly.

We have already talk on other occasions of “little” we can do to decorate a kitchen once furniture and tiles are set. Well, here we bring you an idea to decorate kitchen with slate paint. As you see, fronts of plain cabinets have been paint with black slate paint. And then with chalkboard wall paint has been write in each cabinet what goes inside it. We have brought you many ideas to make headboards cheap and easy, and today we bring you another. This time it is about painting headboard wall with slate paint, and then with chalk, paint bed headboard, as in this picture. Headboard, obviously can be style that we like, you just have to put imagination and have a little time when painting.

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As we said before, this painting is use for almost all types of surfaces, and wood is one of them. Maybe you have some old closet and want to get rid of it. Because it has already been very ugly with respect to rest of decoration. Well, why do not you give it a second chance by decorating it with slate paint? Just paint it with that paint and then with chalk, add drawing that we like most. Look at this example.

This is undoubtedly one of options of many offer by blackboard painting that I like. And it is that everyone who has children know that they like to paint everything they catch, walls, doors, furniture … An original way to let them do that little prank and express their creativity. It is paint entire room with paint of slate and then give children chalkboard wall paint . So that they are distract paint what they want. If you are concerned that room is black because of blackboard painting. Know that this painting is available in more than 10 colors, among which is blue, green, pink, red, purple…

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