New Creation Chalk Paint Projects

Dec 13th
Chalk Paint Projects Smooth
Chalk Paint Projects Smooth

Chalk Paint Projects – Sometimes you have to do tasks that you leave behind and when you realize you’ve been putting off work for months. We have a room that has become a real mess. The paint chalk or paint chalk has great properties to be applying to multiple surfaces. The first one, which has a very good grip and it is not necessary to sand or prime the furniture or any type of object previously. The texture it leaves is soft and the look powdery. Slate painting is a material with hundreds of possibilities, not only for children’s rooms but also to give a casual air to other rooms of the house as the kitchen, study or workroom or a bedroom.

Doing crafts with her does not want any technical knowledge beyond being able to chalk paint projects a smooth surface, the most important are this type of decorative projects is to have a good idea and here we present some to you to serve as inspiration for your own home. The main use that is usually give to this type of painting is in children’s rooms. For example, paint one of the walls or a frieze in the room so that children can paint and erase without restricting their creativity. Keep in mind that the slate paint is dark, so using it for an entire room would make it appear smaller and give you more sense of darkness.

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But not only can walls be painted, chalk paint projects can also be applied on the surface of furniture such as a table top, a closet door, a trunk lid, etc. Thus, the furniture becomes a blackboard on which to unleash the imagination, leave notes or simply embellish in an original way. The kitchen is also a good place to apply these types of paints since it is a place that lends itself to leaving notes and lists and can be very useful. For example, painting the refrigerator door to make shopping lists or leaving messages to other family members.

Turning the door of a study area or work on a blackboard also brings a peculiar and avant-garde style, think that this type of painting can be easily buy in black, green, blue and many other colors, you can choose the one that best suits with the stay to decorate. We love the chalk paint projects and the finish it has. We have done a lot of projects with her and possibly this is the simplest. Although we always recommend preparing the surface to ensure that our project is more durable, this time we are facing the easiest surface to paint.

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