Using Chalk Paint Colors for Furniture

Mar 14th
Chalk Paint Colors for Furniture Yellow
Chalk Paint Colors for Furniture Yellow

If you buy color directly from us, it is always freshly mixed and well shaken but if you buy from another dealer, the ink can have been on the shelf for a while. The chalk paint colors for furniture lasts for many years but it separates with time and color pigments and minerals fall to the bottom. Turn the jar up and down for a while. Shake the jar properly; just do not touch a stick. All the lime that is in the bottom must be up to the surface and the ingredients are mixed properly. This is important, if you do not, you may experience that the color is more like an oily laser that glides around and has poor coverage (especially dark colors). After you mix the color properly, it’s new again!

Furniture is usually painted with an oval furniture brush or a slightly wider flat brush. Chalk paint colors for furniture is also good to use but expect some extra layer of paint as it gets a bit thinner. Should you spray paint, keep in mind that the paint dries quickly so clean your equipment at once when you are done. We have no personal experience of spray painting. Because the color is quick-drying, it can sometimes be difficult to go back to “improve”. Do not paint a new layer on an already semi-dry color, and then you will easily get an uneven surface. Wait until the chalk paint colors for furniture is completely dry and make your adjustments in the second stroke. Have a flower sprayer with water at hand if you are impatient and absolutely unable to wait, it will be easier to correct unevenness if you moisturize the paint easily.

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Irregularities and possible color drops are easy to grind away when the paint is dried.  With Vintage, it’s easy to have a smooth and smooth surface without marks for brush strokes and the matte surface combines minor flaws in the substrate very efficiently. Here you can read more about how to paint smooth. Vintage is also very easy to process and distress / tear for different effects. It is easy to grind and nudge the porous color to create an old and worn appearance. The paint can also crack if it is exposed to heat during the drying time. Here you can read more about how to get a tired and tired style.


The most common thing is that you finish with a furniture wax to get a soft, comfortable and old-fashioned luster. Furniture wax is very different in terms of appearance and appearance in comparison to ordinary paint. Wax seals and seals the color so you can wipe the furniture with a damp cloth. The waxed surface becomes water repellent but not completely waterproof so you should still wipe up games at once. Do not put a glass of glass directly on the furniture without using a glass surface to avoid water rings.

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