Build Free Standing Hammock Holder

Dec 24th
Wooden Free Standing Hammock
Wooden Free Standing Hammock

Free standing hammock – This DIY project will take a day. Given the price of commodities, do not want this hammock stand likely to be much cheaper than a pre-made hammock stand you can buy in a store. If you choose to cope with this project, do it. Because you like working with wood and building things by hand, not to save money. When the project is finished, you will have a functional hammock stand you can be proud you built yourself. To build free standing hammock holder, starting with cut one end of every 6 foot pole with a miter then. The sports fishing end of 30 degrees. Place two 8-foot beams together so that the ends are flush.

Measures 2 feet from each end and marks the top of beams with a pencil in these places. Place one of the 6-foot beams on the floor. So the angled end is flat on the ground. Place an 8-foot beam on the ground on either side of the 6-foot beam. So that the bottom of the 6-foot beam is placed between one of the marks you made. Keep the ends of 8-foot beams flush. The 6-foot beam should be angle. So the top of the beam hangs outside the ends of the 8-foot beams on the first floor. Next steps to build free standing hammock holder is, lamp 8-foot beams in place. And then ask a partner to keep the 6-foot beam steady as you drill four 1/2 inch holes through two 8-foot beams. Also 6-foot beam in the area where they overlap.

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Remove clamps. Then bolt into holes and tighten them with a tightening disc and a nut on the threaded end. Use a wrench to tighten nuts. Put the other 6-foot beam in the room between 8-foot beams at the other end where you made the pencil marks. The top end of the 6-foot beam will hang over the end of 8-foot beams. Squeeze the 6-foot beam into place. After that, drill four holes through the room where 8-foot beams and the 6-foot beam overlap. Tighten and bolt. Put a tightening washing machine on the threaded end of each bolt. And then screw a nut on the hold of free standing hammock holder bolt into place.

Lay a 4-foot beam centered under each end of the 8-foot beams. So that the 4-foot beams and 8-foot beams are perpendicular. Use metal contact staples placed on either side of the 8-foot beams. These to nail 8-foot beams to 4-foot beams. Last, drill a half-inch hole through the narrow side of both 6-foot beams. The holes should be place one foot below the top edge of each beam. Insert a 1 inch eye bolt into each hole, with threaded end pointing. Place a tightening slice over threaded ends and a nut over each slice. Screw the nut with a wrench. Hanging free standing hammock from these eye bolts.

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