Best Valance Window Box Design

Mar 11th
Valance Window Design
Valance Window Design

Valance Window – Valance Window With the right substance, a cushioned window valance box be a dramatic focal point in any room. Sometimes referred to as a cornice, this window top treatment basically a three-sided box made of lightweight wood covered with fabric and hung over the window to hide curtains or drapery hardware. With basic carpentry skills and tools, this inexpensive project connects your windows and adds elegance to your room.

Take three measurements to determine the size of the valance window box. Measure the length of the curtain rod, the length of the curtain and depth to the box. This is a measurement from the wall to the front where the curtain projecting. Add 2 inches to the rod length measurement and cut two pieces of plywood to this length using a hand saw. Measure and cut two end pieces. The measurements will be equal to the height of the front section and the width of the top piece.

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Make a cushioned valance window box, Assemble the three-sided box. Add the length of the front piece and both sides together. Add 4 inches to the batting measurement for the length of your upholstery fabric.  Lay the fabric front side down on a flat surface, and the center on the front of the box on top of the fabric.  Pull the fabric and staple it the center edge of the top piece. Fold the fabric inside corners similarly to the way you do hospital corners. Attach an L-bracket using a screwdriver and screws on the wall just above each end of the window opening to the desired height.

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