24 Best Living Room Paint Colors to Inspire You

Jan 19th
Interior Best Living Room Paint Colors
Interior Best Living Room Paint Colors

The living room is considered as the face of the house. Therefore, the color selection for this room is very important. In addition to following the personal preferences of homeowners, the main color of the living room also depends on a lot of factors. General rules when choosing the color of best living room paint colors is: If the room facing the side has more light, sometimes causing a hot feeling, choose cold paint to neutralize, create balance, comfortable. And vice versa, the living room east and west often receives sunlight, making the room always airy, but causing a burning sensation. Consequently, light colors, usually green, are chosen to alleviate the sun.

The north and south living rooms need warm colors to compensate for the occasional sun exposure. Rooms in the North East tend to welcome the monsoon in winter so the warm colors like orange, pink is the right choice. For the Northwest living room, it is very hot in the afternoon. So the cool colors will make the room feel more comfortable. Choosing the best living room paint colors for the south-east. And southwestern living rooms is easier. Because the common characteristics of these two directions are cool air and light stability. The light, light colors will help balance the elements in your living room.

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The color of the living room is also choose according to the floor area and height of the ceiling. For the living room to look larger, people often paint lighter ceiling than the four walls around. Similarly, if you want a more spacious living room, paint the walls darker than the floor. Of course, before that, you need to choose light colored tiles on the floor. Before deciding on coloring, make it clear: How do you want your living room to look like? With each style, the living room has the corresponding main color, you must not be mistake for this.

If you want modern best living room paint colors style should choose purple, gray is the main color purple. In addition to the luxury, sophistication, purple color also brings a sense of wealth, success. For Nordic Scandinavian lovers, it is certainly impossible to ignore the dominance of white. Likewise with other styles. However, do not be too rigid as a colorful guest room can be a very popular Mix & Match, as long as the colors in the room are not too close together.

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