Best Dog Car Hammock as Safety Travel Options

Apr 8th
Safety Dog Car Hammock
Safety Dog Car Hammock

Dog car hammock – To travel by car with your dog, you must meet certain rules, which you can locate in the Traffic Law. In short, what they ask for is that the pet is place in such a way that it does not interfere with the pilot’s driving, that is, in his field of vision. In the freedom of movement to maneuver and in his attention. Seat belt for dogs: attaches to the seat belt anchorage system and to the dog harness. It is important that if you use this system, always carry it with harness. Since the collar does not hold the body of the dog. And in case of collision can pose a risk to other passengers and to the animal itself.

Transport in: depending on the size of the dog. It can go on the floor of the back seats or in the trunk. You should not put it in any seat, nor put the belt, since it is less safe. Dividing grid: The grid is allow to be place in vans. Or minivans to divide the trunk area of ​​the rest of the vehicle. And bring the dog completely separate. The General Direction of Traffic recommends as safer options the transporter on the ground. Behind the front dog car hammock for small dogs, the transporter placed in the trunk for large dogs or the safety harness with two hooks.

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The safety belt or harness is probably the most economical method to transport the dog. Since you only have to purchase the accessory that joins the belt and harness hooks. In this case, it is also interesting the complementary use of specific hammocks to carry the dog. Which ensure that we do not fill all the interior of the vehicle of pelitos. It is important to clarify that these hammocks are not a method of separating the animal from the driver; for that, it is necessary to wear the dog seat belt. Dog car hammock is only used to make the dog as comfortable as possible and do not so much mess the seats.

As basic recommendations when traveling, we must take into account that in a long journey you will have to stop several times for your partner to stretch their legs and drink. It is best that you do not feed him before you travel, in case you get dizzy. And of course, never leave it alone in the car, because if it is sunny, the interior of the vehicle will reach very high temperatures. These are the main options to safely transport our pet’s dogs.

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