Back Painted Glass Wall: You’ll See More Than Clear

Nov 3rd
White Back Painted Glass
White Back Painted Glass

There are endless ideas for dividing or separating the spaces inside the house, usually when they are small rooms, it can be a bit more complicated to achieve a good design without looking very small. One of the best solutions for the interior of the house is the back painted glass wall, these have many positive aspects, are perfect for the interiors with few square meters, because they allow the light to enter without any obstruction, which automatically makes the space is expanded visually.

Another advantage of glass walls is that there is complete visualization of the spaces. Which keeps the idea of ​​the concept open, without being at all. In addition to adding another material, to the room, the room or the room that you prefer, always elevates the aesthetics of the place. If you want more details on how you can place them. Usually  stairs  go unnoticed, a good way to separate them and at the same time give them a decorative touch, is to place a back painted glass that separates them from the room and much more if it has a design.

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It is also know as opaque glass, this effect prevents the view from the other side of the room. Then, allowing privacy, can be for the bathroom, the bedroom or the office. The mixture of materials inside the house is always flattering. Glass as a wall is a modern concept that widens the spaces and allows a lot of natural light. Although this room is a good size, the glass wall in the background gives it an unusual decoration. And obviously the rest of the spaces can be visualize, which generates depth.

This type of interiors usually have all the rooms in a single space. The idea is not to split them but keep the concept open, lighting but also visibility, for it is the best way out.  If you do not like it, throw it away! Of course, the walls are very good to distribute. And for the rooms where you need privacy. But in the daily and common areas many times are over. Do you want to visually enlarge the kitchen? Then throw the wall or replace it with a back painted glass.  To still look bigger choose crystals without profiles. The least expression! In addition, when you are in the kitchen you will no longer have the sensation of losing everything that happens in the dining room. Would you encourage yourself to include these walls in your home?

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