Baby Hammock: A Comfortable and Practical Crib for Our Baby

Dec 30th
Modernist Baby Hammock
Modernist Baby Hammock

Baby hammock – What do you think of a hammock instead of the crib for the newborn? For nine long months our baby brought and cradled within our warm maternal belly. Following the movements and rhythm of our body. After birth, all children love leather skin contact with their mother. Which is certainly facilitated by the use of a band. They love to feel lonely and rocky. It is also for this reason that the use of a baby hammock instead of the crib can easily be comforting and comforting.

In addition, the baby hammock as well as the band. Respects the physiology of the child making it feel completely wrapped. And also assume a natural position both for the good development of the spine. And also for the hip articulation as the back does not tire. The neck and the rest of the neck are perfectly sustain. The hammock, in fact, allows babies to easily take on the fetal position. Among other things, keeping the baby in the right position helps prevent SIDS, cradle death syndrome. It would appear that baby hammock is also can for therapeutic reasons. Especially for children who often cry or children with stretch marks or muscular disorders.

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It is well-known that premature babies get weight faster with marsupiotherapy. And now we know because of the use of baby hammock. It is the result of an experiment done at the Maringa University Hospital (HUM), in the northwest of the state of Parana, Brazil. Premature or underweight babies have put into hammocks. Installed inside incubators. Traditionally associated with an image of relaxation and recreation, baby hammock has in this case acquired a reassurance and recovery function.

Let us not forget the practical side that is to have a comfortable travel cot always available. And especially light as there is no bed. The older children also love the hammock. In fact, they will be able to use it for playing and swinging, for resting or training the equilibrium in 1-2 years. There are many types of baby hammock on the market specifically for children. It goes from the classic model to engage, to called Brazilian. To others with rigid self-supporting structure. Note: If the baby is in the hammock, the distance from the bottom of the hammock should not exceed 20cm (about 12 inches) from the floor. So, whatever the reason, let’s make your baby happy with this baby hammock.

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