Avoid In Your Sunroom Design

Jul 25th
Avoid In Your Sunroom Design Curved
Avoid In Your Sunroom Design Curved

Avoid In Your Sunroom Design – Avoid In Your Sunroom Design The proper temperature control storage is essential to maintain the quality of fresh produce. Through the construction and maintenance of cold rooms producers, packers and retailers can substantially reduce the total cost from the use of such structures. This chapter describes the planning, construction and calculation of energy requirement of cooling avoid in your sunroom design facilities.

Planning before the construction

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Although the planning   and construction of a cold room has a   high initial cost, it is cheaper than other agricultural structures. Moreover, avoiding a cost in construction, those with little knowledge, they can design their own strategies cooling, to the specific needs, and also, assuming construction, ensuring its effectiveness due to the correct choice of the same, based on the parameters described in the course of this work.

Size of the cooling unit

The cooling capacity and storage depends on the size of the structure and capacity of the cooling system avoid in your sunroom design, so it   is essential determining the amount of product to be cooled and stored. A cooling system can be likened to a pump that moves heat from one part to another. The cooling capacity is a measure of the speed at which a system can transfer heat energy and is usually expressed in tons.

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