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Attaching Wall Decals

Window Decals – The static Window Decals are made of thin sheets of vinyl designed to adhere to windows or walls without the need of an adhesive. Because they have no adhesive decals are easier to position and reposition other types of labels, and are reusable. In addition to ease of use, vinyl is transparent, which means that also will allow some of the paint colors look below. This allows you to add graphic designs to a room that blend with the surrounding decor.

Cherry Blossom Wall Decals

Cherry Blossom Wall Decals

Flatten the decal and put it in the room where you want to install 24 hours before installation to acclimate to room conditions. Clean the surface of the wall where you want to place the decal with neutral pH cleaner and a sponge. Removes any dirt or grease from the wall decals, and then rinse with clean water. Wall dry with a clean cloth.

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Peeling the backing material from the back of the sticker to expose the application side. Press the sticker on the wall and smooth it with a soft cloth. Wheel wall decal from the center out to expel air bubbles under the vinyl, as the trapped air weakens the bond between the material and the wall decals.

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