Attach Garden Treasures Hammock

Nov 12th
Garden Treasures Hammock Wood
Garden Treasures Hammock Wood

Garden treasures hammock – One of the best ways to instantly create additional sleeping space or relaxing space in your garden is to introduce a hammock. Positioning a garden hammock is highly dependent on the available places, so you may need to be creative. Safety is important when installing a hammock, most importantly, the stability of attachments on each end of the hammock is important. With a robust support system, you can install a hammock quickly and safely, giving more time to gently swinging in the wind.


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Extend the garden treasures hammock and measure its length. While most garden treasures hammock are around 10 meters, they may vary. Select the ideal location for each hook with the pen. Look for permanent mounting sites such as trees at least 5 inches in diameter or a stable anchored beam. Keep both markings about 6 meters high or at least sufficiently high that the hammock is hanging in chest height. Use places in trees that are free from twigs and boundary divisions to make installation easier. Make a mark 6 to 12 inches higher than the other to give a soft slope to the hammock.

Pre-drill the holes for the lifting eyes using a drill bit slightly smaller than the diameter of the lifting eyes. Pass a screwdriver through the eye of the hooks up to the handle, and then rotate the screwdriver to twist the hook clockwise, apply constant pressure to see the screwdriver not slide out of the open eye of the hook. Turn the screwdriver until the head of eyehook comes into contact with the wood surface, and then continue rotating until the open ends of the hooks point upwards.

Slide the garden treasures hammock over one of the lifting eyes and stretch the hammock over the other hook. Use an assistant if necessary. Test the hammock by turning it back and forth and pull it down hard from both sides. Check the lifting eyes and hammock connections carefully before picking up the hammock for the first time.

Tips and warnings

Short garden treasures hammock to fit a smaller space by tapping a knot around the rope that leads to the attachment hook. Extend the hammock by attaching it to a longer rail end using knots or carbons. Use fast draw carbines for a simple, straightforward installation. Non-invasive installation is possible around trees and other structures using several covers of ropes tied with a slip knot. Always observe warnings on weight limits. Do not place more people on the hammock unless they add up to less than the limit. Children should never be allowed to turn in the hammock, as the design and shape of the hammock will not support them when they are inverted. Damage may occur.

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