How Do Antiquing Paint At Home

Mar 18th
Antiquing Paint Stain
Antiquing Paint Stain

Antiquing Paint – A family heritage or an old one with the peeling paint can be give a new start with a new coat of paint. After each step re-paint slowly, maintaining the integrity and structural shape of the elements intact. Keep in mind that well preserved, unmodified antiques can get high priced labels while others are low in monetary value but high in sentimental value. Check with an antique dealer before repainting his antiquity, as he may be more valuable as he is. Prepare the surface of the paint. Applying a tarp under the object is painting and opening a window if it is inside.

Cover your face antiquing paint with a face mask to avoid inhaling dust and paint fumes. Sand the entire surface with 60 grit sandpaper, wipe it with a cloth and again sand with 220 grit sandpaper, removing most of the lacquer or paint. Sanding is essential as it gives the paint a gripping surface when applied. Skipping this step will make your paint to chip soon after finishing your project. Wipe down the old surface with lint-free cloths or vacuum the surface to remove dust. Apply the primer. Apply a layer of primer to the surface of the old with brushes or foam rollers. Use slow long strokes to ensure a smooth coating.

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Sand the surface lightly after the primer is completely dry. Clean the surface with the lint-free towel. Apply paint. Apply the antiquing paint with a roller or brush, using an up and down motion, covering the entire surface. Let the first coat dry. Sand the area and clean. Apply a second layer of paint and sand any strokes or strokes of rollers. In order to adjust and adjust to the color is to start from the wrong side.This will help determine the amount of paint that is needed in the video and if you should change the selected tone is required. You can then paint the front of the large strokes of furniture, but do not allow the dispersion of paint.

For a glossy surface antiquing paint that is capable of more wear than painting alone, apply two layers of varnish with a brush, allowing the primer to dry before applying the second layer. Paint chemicals are toxic. Keep the project away from small children and always wear a mask. To create a rough and decaying effect, you only need a coat of paint. For the manufacture of soft classic style furniture, you can rub with fine first-layer sandpaper, remove the dust and apply a second coat. All of the above methods can be combine with aging furniture. Do not be afraid to experiment.

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