Furniture Antique White Paint Ideas

Nov 16th
Antique White Paint Sets
Antique White Paint Sets

Antique White Paint – If we have furniture that we have tired of its appearance or that does not combine with other furniture or that we simply want to change the design, we can renew it giving another completely different aspect. For this we can use several techniques, such as lining with wallpaper, decorating with templates, and we can also make the technique of aged white paint, pickled white or Provencal white, which is a painting technique to age it and leave it precious, as we will see them.

If the furniture is in wood color or other any color, we will have to paint it white and before, apply a hand of seal primer that is also white. If the furniture is already antique white paint, you do not need to paint it, go to the second step directly. To paint the furniture in white, we first smear it gently to open the pore to the wood, paint or varnish it has. Remove the glaze from the varnish, leave it matte. Once sanding, we clean it thoroughly removing all the dust and dirt with a damp cloth, and apply a hand of white sealant and let the sealer dry for a minimum of 12 hours. Now we get matt white enamel. You can use water or solvent enamel.

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We recommend that you use the solvent, as it is more resistant. We will give you the hands you need until it is completely white, usually with 2 hands is enough. Once we have the antique white paint furniture and the paint completely dry we will sand certain areas to make the effect aged. The areas that we have to sand to remove the paint are the corners, furniture edges, handles. And all areas that would normally wear out over time to remove the white color and leave it in wood color. With an electric sander, you will do it in 5 minutes.

To give you an idea of where you have to sand, look at the ideas above and you will see that it has corners without antique white paint color, that’s where it has been sanded to achieve an aged effect. This is the easiest and easiest to do and the one that will give you the finishing touch. For this, we take the bitumen and the colorless wax for furniture. We opened the wax jar and took out a tenth of the wax, and instead, we cast bitumen from Judah. Remove the paste well until it is a liquid paste, which can be applied with a brush or a rag.

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