Horses are great animals to have and are useful for a lot of work that you may need to do on a regular basis, however, they are a huge responsibility and are fickle creatures. Horses require extensive care and a whole lot of love. If you are inexperienced in horse ownership, there most likely are at least, a few things that you may not know about. If you have been considering owning a horse and feel that you aren’t fully prepared for the responsibility, here are some things that you should know before you make the purchase.

Breed –

There are many, many different types of horses and are bred for different and specific purposes. If you are getting a horse for the first time, you should get a more common or standard breed. For example, Missouri fox trotter horses for sale are bred for riding and are generally good for beginners. If you plan on racing your horse, you need to get a breed that specializes is racing and being ridden. You should be sure that you are familiar with horses in general before you get too in depth on the different breeds and uses.

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Daily Care –

Horses mainly eat hay, grains, and grass. Be sure that you are providing your horse with plenty of food and fresh, clean water throughout the day. Horses are large animals that require an even larger amount of food to be happy and healthy. When it comes to what kind of feed to give your horse, it really depends on what the horse prefers. It may sound strange, but horses have different tastes. You also need to routinely clean and maintain their hooves to prevent an injury and keep them as comfortable and clean as much as they possibly can be.