Any responsible gun owner knows just how important it is to keep their guns safe at all times.  If you have kids in your home, it is even more important that you take the proper steps in order to keep them from getting their hands on them.

You want to be able to protect your home and your family from intruders, but you also want to make sure that no one in the home gets injured or killed by your guns.  Here are some ways to store your guns safely within your home.

Large Metal Safes

There are many different gun safe brands, and most of them have different models that are designed for specific functions.  If you have rifles, you will want to use a large safe so that they can fit into it easily.  The next step in figuring out the best gun safe for you is to decide how secure you want to keep them.

Large metal safes will allow you to keep your rifles safely locked up behind either a key lock or a combination lock, ensuring that only you and those you want to grant access to will have it.

Wall Safes

A wall safe is great for storing pistols.  Because it is discreet and can be placed objects like pictures, no one will even know it’s there unless you show it to them.  This is a great way to keep your pistols safe from burglars, but it also won’t be big enough to hold rifles or shotguns.

Drawer Vaults

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Drawer vaults are also great for pistols, and they are even more compact than wall safes.  In fact, they can be carried around with you, so you can keep your pistol secured and locked away while you’re on the road (if doing such a thing is legal in your area).