If you are an experienced drummer who has recently been looking for different ways that you can express your talents, you couldn’t have picked a better instrument to do exactly that. When it comes to drums and percussion in general, the amount of distinguishably unique ways to play is incredible. The kind of sound that you want is dependent totally on what your kit consists of, so picking the right gear for your desired sound is essential. If you have been wondering about how many ways you can change up your practice or performances, here are some different kinds of drum sets that offer unique and appealing sounds.

Electric –

Electric drums are a very unique type of set that offer a ton of variable sounds and synthesized kit components. Electric drum sets like the Roland TD-50 come with a standard looking kit with about 10 or so pieces, including a synthesizer or drum machine, that can change function according the programing that you choose. Since no actual acoustic sound is being produced, electric drums are ideal for the drummer who likes to practice anywhere, anytime.

Acoustic –

Roland TD-50

Acoustic drum sets are exactly what you picture in your head when you hear the words “drum set”. Offering a more raw and warm sound as you play, acoustic drums come with a wide range of variability. For harder music like rock, you’re going to want either one or two bass drums, 2-3 toms, and plenty of cymbals. If you’re more of a jazz drummer, your kit needs to be shaped around a quicker and lighter sound, shallower depths on the toms and more snare is typical for a jazz drum kit. Since you need the actual kit pieces, acoustic drums are going to be a bit more expensive than electric.